CapStone is a recognized leader in design and implementation of alternative energy solutions.


We have been at the forefront of research and innovation since 2007 and have completed a wide range of wind, solar, hybrid and Smart Grid projects. We built our cross industry expertise on powering wireless communication systems for Tier 1 carriers and we've performed projects ranging from basic project planning for small wind farms to highly complex conversions of off grid generators to full solar power.

Wind and Solar Resource Evaluation Services

In partnership with meteorologist and current AMA Board Member Maureen McCann, CapStone provides advanced, site-specific wind and solar resource evaluation. Our team will conduct an analysis of the wind and solar opportunities for designated geographic sites. Our analysis includes annual historical weather station data as well as actual onsite data collection. It will also assess terrain and foliage factors to understand potential shading and wind blocking issues.

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Site Surveys, Load Analysis & Feasibility Studies


Capstone’s team of experts and engineers will personally visit desired sites to perform an assessment of a wide range of factors critical to evaluating the costs as well as the output of a potential deployment.

  • Highly detailed solar and shading analysis & review of available soils reports
  • Evaluation of existing space and leasing availability
  • Assessment of site access and other logistical issues that impact construction and maintenance costs
  • Preliminary system design and estimated energy output, including preliminary configuration of racking system.
  • Budget analysis and financial pro forma that includes fuel savings, applicable government rebates, and break-even point analysis

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Turnkey deployment and conversion services for Wind and Solar projects– from design through optimization phases


Our project teams provide turnkey services including:

  • Site Evaluation and Design
  • End-to-end Project management
  • All necessary Zoning and Permitting
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Site Construction
  • Testing and Optimization

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Leasing and Financing Options


CapStone can also provide clients several leasing and financing options for turnkey alternative energy deployments. We will work with you to evaluate available leasing and financing options as part of your upfront pro forma and financial analysis. We will include an assessment of government rebates and tax incentive programs your project may be eligible for.

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Business Planning & Consulting Services


CapStone’s experienced leadership team can provide analysis and insight for new ventures or for mature clients considering an entrance into alternative energy businesses. We have advised clients in both wind and solar ventures including Wind Pole Ventures, Wing Power and Windward Ways II. Our services include

  • Strategic business planning
  • Business case analysis & market entrance strategy
  • Trial Design and Implementation
  • Product Design
  • Project Planning

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Smart Grid Services


CapStone has experienced technical teams ready to provide Smart Grid deployment and integration services. Services include Smart Grid meter deployments, Grid Interconnection, and design and deployment of private WiMAX network solutions.

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Tower Climbing and Installation Services


  • Tower Climbing Services for Anemometer and Data Collection Install
  • MET Tower Installation and Operations

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